Ferose: Attic_ICP

Fertigstellung 21. April 2024 Ferose Attic_ICP 15. März – 21. April 14 Uhr bis 18 Uhr Geburtstagskuchen um 15 Uhr Attic_EW 1 von 46 einzigartigen genähten Dia-Collagen, die bis zum 20. April auf Toniq Marketplace Launchpad zu sehen sind. Video der gesamten Kollektion (mit 12 Memory Quilt Piece Project) hier: (7 Minuten) Felicia Glidden (Ferose)… Continue reading Ferose: Attic_ICP

Lena Reiner

27 Menschen, 27 Tage: Afghanistan (27 people, 27 days: Afghanistan) Video and photo exhibition opens Nov. 6, 4-7 pm 6. November – 2. December 2022 Freelance artist and photojournalist Lena Reiner, who has already been to Afghanistan three times – this time, under Taliban rule of all things, was her longest stay. In a video… Continue reading Lena Reiner

Hans Vinzenz Seidl

Delicious coincidences Oct. 2 to 29, 2022 Vernissage 2 Oct. 16 h Funded by the NEUSTART KULTUR program of the Stiftung Kunstfonds for the promotion of contemporary visual arts, current abstract reverse glass paintings will be shown. Coincidence can be used as an explanation for many things, be it the question of the reason for… Continue reading Hans Vinzenz Seidl


LINK TO ATTIC_BASEMENT LAUNCH now live!! Attic is a photo NFT project hosted on the Internet Computer Protocal. (ICP)Felicia Glidden curates photographic projects from exhibitions, studios, and archives to mint (upload to the blockchain)artists’ works in drawing, painting, sculpture, and installation art onto the blockchain. She adds them to the Attic and mints archival and… Continue reading Attic

Judy Stone

Soft Outer RingInstallation | Video24. July – 21. August 2022Opening 24 July 2 -5 pmthe artist will be present Judy Stone is a Washington DC area artist who works in a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, installation, video, and performance. In her recent work, her drawings on paper expand onto walls, floors, and ceilings,… Continue reading Judy Stone

Anne Carnein & Chris Duncan “Now & Then”

Rucki Zucki with Anne Carnein & Chriis Duncan's sculptures

  At first glance the works of Anne Carnein and Chris Duncan might appear to have little in common. Carnein’s sculpture is organic, literally rooted, often colored in umber shades. The materials – cloth and thread – seem natural, and intended to reflect nature. Like plants, the sculptures search out the light or push their… Continue reading Anne Carnein & Chris Duncan “Now & Then”


I50lation: a Portfolio of 50 Drawings x 50 Women Sculptors during Covid

I50lation: a Portfolio of 50 Drawings x 50Women Sculptors during Covid Curated by Coral Lambert and Cynthia Handel May 15 – June 10 Gallery Hours. Fridays and Saturdays 2 – 5 pm and by appointment ProjekTraum FN Dornierstrasse 4, 88048 Friedrichshafen The Covid – 19 Sculptors Drawing Project ‘I5OLATION’ came about via a conversation between… Continue reading I50lation

Kristen Tordella-Williams Alone, together // Alleine, zusammen

Kristen Tordella-WIlliams

Kristen Tordella-Williams Alone, together // Alleine, zusammen 18. July – 8. August 2021 Soft Opening Reception 18 Juli 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm Music by Project-Resonance: Alain Wozniak & Peter Bácsi  Alone, together // Alleine, zusammen features work made in 2020-21 individually by featured artist Kristen Tordella-Williams and collaboratively between Tordella-Williams and artists and musicians… Continue reading Kristen Tordella-Williams Alone, together // Alleine, zusammen

Project-Resonance in Konstanz

Project Resonance, Peter Bacsi and Alain Wozniak

Introducing: Project-Resonance Das kleine Konzert- Lutherkirche Konstanz Lutherplatz 1, 78462 Konstanz, Germany October 17th at 5:00 pm Peter Bácsi | Guitar Alain Wozniak | Flute Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata in C major (KV 330) for Flute and Guitar. Arr: Stephan Schäfer Frederic Chopin – 3 Preludes for Guitar Arr: F. Tarréga and Gergely Sárközy… Continue reading Project-Resonance in Konstanz

Livestream Concert Alain Wozniak & Ulrich Murtfeld

Alain Wozniak (Klarinette) & Ulrich Murtfeld (Klavier)

SO\14.06.20\19:00 Graf-Zeppelin-Haus Livestream-Konzert im Graf-Zeppelin-Haus Alain Wozniak (Klarinette) & Ulrich Murtfeld (Klavier) Claude Debussy Première Rhapsodie für Klarinette und Klavier Béla Kovács Hommage à Claude Debussy Ludwig van Beethoven Sonate für Klavier Nr. 21 in C-dur op. 53 „Waldsteinsonate“ Francis Poulenc Sonate für Klarinette und Klavier (scroll for English) Der französische Musiker Alain Wozniak (Klarinette,… Continue reading Livestream Concert Alain Wozniak & Ulrich Murtfeld

mit KUNST aus der Krise / 1

Felicia Glidden "International Relations" at Galerie Gunzoburg

Review “Felicia Glidden verweist in ihrem Ölgemälde “International Relations” auf die politisch angespannte und unbefriedigende Situation zwischen den Großmächten, mit einem Seitenhieb auf Donals Trump in Sachen Coronakrise” Erwin Niederer für Suedkurier 05.Juni 2020 “Felicia Glidden refers in her oil painting “International Relations” to the politically tense and unsatisfactory situation between the great powers, with… Continue reading mit KUNST aus der Krise / 1

Felicia Glidden Impression | Abdruck at Kunsthaus Caserne

Review Scroll for the English version of the following speech about the exhibition which was written and presented by Katrin Seglitz at the opening. Katrin Seglitz Rede für die Vernissage der Ausstellung „Impression/Abdruck“ von Felicia Glidden am 17.1.2020  im Kunsthaus Caserne in Friedrichshafen Fallenbrunnen Wenn man in diesen Raum kommt, ist man beeindruckt von den… Continue reading Felicia Glidden Impression | Abdruck at Kunsthaus Caserne

Joanna Klakla | Icon Body

Joanna Klakla calligraphy map blau, Mixmedia, Collage auf Papier, 2019

Scroll for English Joanna Klakla Icon Body 05 Mai – 02 Juni, 2019 Vernissage | Sonntag 05 Mai. | 17:30 – 20:30 Einführung 18:00 UHR Ursula Erchinger | Künstlerin Nicolas Wozniak | Oboe, Electronics In den aktuellen Arbeiten  wird der transkulturelle Aspekt der Schrift zur Grundlage für die Entwicklung von neuen  Schriftkörpern und Kaligrafie Tafeln.… Continue reading Joanna Klakla | Icon Body