Alain Wozniak

Alain Wozniak (b. 1958 France) is a clarinet player, teacher and the Musical Director for the Stadtkapelle Tailfingen e.V. He is also the conductor for the symphonic wind youth orchestras in Friedrichshafen and Tailfingen. He is versed in classical, jazz and improvisation. His language is music, and he seeks to communicate intensity of emotion and interaction. He is interested in how sound travels throughout space and in the mind: cycles, colors, and modulating intensity. In addition to clarinet he plays flute, saxophone and electronic instruments.

“And although each year orchestra members leave and new ones arrive, Wozniak manages to keep a high level, because he constantly trusts them …. The young musicians are in top form, the students follow Wozniak’s conducting closely and precisely.” E. Braschel -Suedkurier 2015