Dougie Padilla

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 Assignment: 1000 Crosses, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Pepin WI

2005 Puerta de Angeles (Door of Angels), Gallery Co, Minneapolis, MN

2004 Dougieland Paris, Museé Halle Saint Pierre, Paris, France


2017 Vision Award, Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, Minneapolis, MN 2000 Minneapolis

City Pages “Artist of the Year”, Minneapolis, MN

Dougie Padilla (b. 1948 MN, USA)  is primarily a painter, who draws, sculpts, makes prints and ceramics, makes installations and ofrendas, and does ritual. In Heaven y Hell, his poems and text are integral to the visual work. The fables he is telling are laden with flying creatures, fish, and anamorphic beings. Snakes, dogs, and visionaries.  He is telling us about vision.