I50lation: a Portfolio of 50 Drawings x 50 Women Sculptors during Covid
I50lation: a Portfolio of 50 Drawings x 50Women Sculptors during Covid

Curated by Coral Lambert and Cynthia Handel

May 15 – June 10

Gallery Hours. Fridays and Saturdays 2 – 5 pm and by appointment

ProjekTraum FN Dornierstrasse 4, 88048 Friedrichshafen

The Covid – 19 Sculptors Drawing Project ‘I5OLATION’ came about via a conversation between Sculptors, Coral Lambert and Cynthia Handel when they were checking in on each other in early April 2020. They were discussing how the pandemic was affecting studio work and what kind of support artists needed.

Sculptors tend to work in collaboration or with a team of others to produce and install work so much of the artist’s practice had stopped altogether, been on hold or changed drastically. They found that many sculptors turned to drawing. Drawing is a practice that can be carried out alone and sometimes fits in-between other tasks such as teaching online.

The portfolio represents an international collection of women sculptors from the USA and Europe. All of the women in the portfolio are over 50 years of age and
approach sculpture in diverse materials and practices from public and process-based art to installation and performance.

The ‘I5OLATION’ portfolio includes various methods of drawing from mixed media and collage to traditional pencil and watercolor.

Limited Edition prints are available for purchase at $125 each. Proceeds go directly to support the individual artists in this era of uncertainty.