Liminal Spaces premiers at OPEN STUDIO 2016

Photo: Judy Stoll
Photo: Judy Stoll

Jupiter from

Liminal Spaces
by Philippe Wozniak
Suite in 5 movements

1 Soleil
2 Mercury
3 Neptune
4 Jupiter
5 Earth – Gaia

Improvisation –Alain Wozniak Clarinet, Electronics Philippe Wozniak Bass

Inspired by the research of Joachim Ernst Berendt Liminal Spaces uses frequencies calculated by the circulating time of the planets. An oscillator playing alongside the performance reproduces these frequencies. The melodies used are transcribed from traditional ceremonies of Native Americans from North-Central America.
Each movement describes another state of mind, the liminal space between dreams and real world.

Composed for “Open Studio” @ ProjekTraum; Felicia Glidden (Manzell-Friedrichshafen; 06/03/2015)