F Glidden in the studio

Felicia Glidden (b. 1966 MN, USA) is a visual artist whose artwork crosses media (fabricated metal, video, paper, paint and sound) and works to heightens the visceral potential in a sculptural architectural space. She is a researcher and teaches studio fine art.

“In Felicia Gliddens Kunst behalten die fassbar gemachten Elemente des Traums ihre Aura – die Schemen einer unmessbaren Dunkelzone, mit der sie verbunden sind.” H Ruppert

“In Felicia Glidden’s art the tangible elements made of dreams retain their aura – the schemes of an immeasurable dark zone, with which they are associated.”

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Between Two RIvers III at Galerie Bagnato 2014

Impress Sketchbook made for Franconia Sculpture Park’s 20th Anniversary Alumni Exhibition

OT #18
acrylic, thread and oil on canvas
40 x 30 cm