“I am especially aware of the transition during my lifetime (in the age of plastic) from film to digital media, from analog to ones and zeroes. As technologies change, how are our memories stored? Will the next development in image storing technology be like plastic, able to last forever? Is the grasp for the image, the keeping of archives  always a futile race against nature taking it back, molding it, fading it, destroying it?  Felicia Glidden – Jan. 2019

We are excited to be participating in Start’19 and warmly welcome you to join us for a celebration of art, sculpture and friendship in the New Year.

ProjekTraum FN: l’Atelier Glidden Wozniak is a project space in the studio of visual artist Felicia Glidden (MN, USA) and musician Alain Wozniak (Lille, FR.) As research-based artists, we recognize the need for artist-run project spaces as necessary venues for artists to experiment and exhibit new work. We open our live/work studio for exhibitions by international artists. Works we have shown in the space are available to view and buy directly from the artists studios on the store page. www.secure.ProjekTraumFN.com

Felicia Glidden cast iron, enamel 28 x 58 x 41 cm (11 x 23 x 16 in 2010