Davor Ljubicic (b. 1958 Croatia) is a process based artist who works with charcoal, performance, video and sculpture. Physicality is evident in the work as his is a continual search for form. He is a dynamic artist, curator and educator living in the Bodenseekreis region of Germany since 1992.

Selected Exhibitions

2018 Rectified artifacts / Constellations, Podium Kunst, Schramberg, Germany

2018 PERSONAL STUCTURES Palazzo Bembo, Venice Biennial, Italy

2015/16 Singenkunst, Singen Museum, Singen, Germany

2013 BONE 16 Performance Art Festival, Stadtgalerie, Bern, Switzerland

2010 Chambre Meubleé, K3 project space, Zurich, Switzerland

BFA The Academy of Fine Arts in Serajevo 1984

Constellations – drawing installation at ProjekTraum FN, June 2018

Davor Ljubičić, Rectified artifacts / constellations, Galerie in the Land, Kressbronn  

Andrea Gamp introduces Ljubicic’s work at the opening reception of Constellations – Drawing explorations.

“The formal, compensating game with the resources is of no interest to the artist, he rather prefers the venture, the creative act and vital process. Ljubicic is interested in merging his own physical experience with the acquired resources and materials that turn into cyphers for the human existence…If we comprehend Davor Ljubicic’s work as symbolic forms, we discover their allegorical value for our own destiny. “

Christopher Bauer